Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing is any marketing idea or strategy that increases traffic on your business naturally, without having to spend any money on advertisements and paid campaigns.

Organic Marketing Channels

There are various effective organic marketing channels that can be leveraged to your advantage to generate results over time.

  • Podcast

    A podcast is a digital audio file that's made available to the subscribers on digital devices and they are either streamed or downloadable. Podcasts are also made available to viewers as a series. Podcasting is an effective tool to entertain and educate your audience. Businesses can use this technique for marketing their services to their target customers and subscribers, thereby increase the overall revenue.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Organic SEO refers to the organic strategies applied to get better rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The organic SEO strategy incorporates proper planning, outlining and implementation of the steps that'll improve and increase the traffic on your business websites and pages. Keyword choice, building backlinks, the usage of meta tags =, and posting optimized content are all a part of an effective Organic SEO process.
  • Word of Mouth

  • Content

    Content plays a vital role in SEO rankings. Businesses will get themselves positioned better in search engines and generate traffic if they post quality content. The longer form of content is believed to be more effective. One should be consistent in posting optimized content in order to improve search engine visibility and rankings on Google's search result pages.

    There are various mediums through which business can publish optimized content.

    • Blog: Every business is suggested to have a blog to educate users about the latest trends in the Industry in which the business operates. This will ensure that there is new, incoming traffic based on the content of the blogs
    • PR: Public Relations is a practice of communicating key information about the business to customers and stakeholders. Businesses usually hire a PR specialist to generate and maintain a public image of the business by consistent and frequent interaction with the press and the general public. A PR specialist creates content, makes press releases, and acts as the external voice of the business.
  • Organic Social Media Marketing

    Organic SMM is a measure of social media users who stumble upon your posts on Social Media in a natural way, without any advertising money being spent for the same. This involves liking your posts, subscribing to your channels, following your page or content with the help of the hashtags you use, downloading your content, engaging with your content, etc. The organic marketing strategy will create and maintain brand awareness as well as result in new user and customer acquisitions.
  • Facebook

    It is the most effective platform to post content and increase public reach. This could be achieved by:
    • Optimizing your Facebook profile
    • Posting in your Facebook group
    • Consistent posting on your timeline
    • Using Facebook messenger
  • Instagram

    The second most common platform is Instagram, mainly due to the camera-heavy mobile devices that are in use. Some of the tips to market your services naturally on Instagram are
    • Switch to a business account
    • Use Instagram stories
    • Use hashtags
    • Tag the relevant followers of your brand
    • Partner with influencers
  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network out there. If your business is a B2B which sells to businesses, then the most relevant audience for your business is in LinkedIn. Some LinkedIn tips are
    • Create your company profile
    • Create your own group
    • Use InMail
    • Engage your audience by posting actionable content
  • YouTube

    • Create a YouTube channel for your business
    • Add compelling titles to your videos
    • Create effective video thumbnails
    • Brief your videos to less than 5 minutes
    • Collaborate with other influencers and YouTubers.

    YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are considered as the main advertising platforms. The whole point of Organic Marketing is to get visibility on these networks without having to spend a penny on advertising!

  • Question & Answer platforms

    • Quora
    • Reddit
  • Webinars

  • Cold Email

    This is the most common and most effective email marketing strategy used by companies and personal brands. This involves sending emails without prior permission or notice to the recipient. The key idea is to target the most relevant people, and reach out to them in a personalized manner. An effective email marketing strategy is when you receive replies from your prospects instead of SPAM reports.


What is Inorganic Marketing?

Literally, inorganic marketing is the opposite of organic marketing, meaning it's not free of cost. It involves paid advertisements, sponsorships, and paid media to promote your business and generate traffic as well as revenue.


Making the most out of Organic Marketing

If you wish to reap better results from Organic Marketing, always remember to

  • Create content that is not old or obvious
  • Optimise the content keeping humans in mind, and not the search engines
  • Publish organic ads
  • Blog on a regular basis
  • Join social media platforms and engage your followers as much as possible


Social Media Campaign Ideas

Here are a few Social Media Campaign ideas to try out for better results in the new era. However, note that originality is the king and you should always be thinking of new ideas every month.

  • Create a relevant hashtag and promote it on Instagram, Twitter
  • Organize a giveaway
  • Collaborate with influencers on YouTube and Instagram
  • Include CTA (Call To Action) in your posts
  • Surveys and Polls help in understanding your customers. It boosts the validity of the business. If you spend time and resources in engaging with your customers, you will have better customer loyalty and customer retention.


Benefits of Organic Marketing

  • Cost effective/ zero cost
  • The only investment is time and effort
  • Authentic for the audience
  • Posts generally include informative and interactive content.
  • The posts, blogs, media, and other content of organic marketing strategies are easily shareable by any user across various platforms. This, in return, increases the business reach.


Does Organic Marketing Really Work?

Is Organic Marketing worth the time, effort, and resources? One of the key benefits of an Organic Marketing strategy is that it is not time-bound. Unlike an advertising campaign that ceases to exist and provide results once the advertising budget has been exhausted, Organic Marketing is timeless and results in inbound traffic for many years to come. This can never be provided by a paid marketing campaign, unless your pockets are deep enough.

Organic Marketing is here to stay. Having the right team and the right strategy will make all the difference.