Digital Marketing

Survival in the digital world is not easy.

If you want your brand to be noticed, you need to be proactive and not just online. You should have a phenomenal marketing strategy as well as creative marketing ideas in order to obtain and maintain your position in the digital space.


Digital Marketing in a Nutshell

Digital Marketing involves the usage of various electronic devices such a smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, and digital billboards to interact with and stay connected to customers. Digital channels include social media, websites, search engines, and emails.


Organic Digital Marketing 

Organic digital marketing involves the formulation of a marketing strategy without any dependence on paid ads or sponsored links.


Omni Channel Marketing

Omni Channel Marketing makes multiple channels such as phone calls, social media, and email available to the consumer. All these channels are integrated unlike multi-channel marketing, in which all the channels are available without integration.


Digital Marketing Objectives

The main objective of digital marketing is to seek advancement in business reach and revenue. Some other objectives are, but not limited to:

1. Brand awareness needs to be created, maintained and increased

2. Improvement in the quality of product or service.

3. Acquire new customers

4. Retention of previous customers

5. Introduction of new products or services


Digital Marketing ideas

There are certain ways to market your business digitally. A few of them are listed below:

1. Join relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

2. Create profiles on various social media platforms

3. Generate your email list

4. Create a website for your business

5. Optimise your website so that it ranks on Google

6. Offer special deals and schemes to customers

7. Ask for referrals and testimonials

Additionally, let's review some innovative digital marketing ideas that, when put to action, can help your business thrive:

1. Voice search - The age old practice of keying in the search keywords is now being replaced by the voice search options, thanks to the handy mobile devices that almost all of us use today. Businesses should include voice search on their web pages for the convenience of their customers.

2. Video marketing - Reading long ads and text is hectic when compared to watching engaging video content. Businesses should advertise themselves using videos as videos have a great impact on the audience as opposed to lengthy texts.

3. Applications (mobile apps) - A business should consider building a mobile application to allow users to easily access the services through their mobile phones. This will help the business grow and expand its reach.

4. Chatbots on the website - The use of chatbots on your web pages allows your customers to easily connect with you regarding business and product enquiries.


Tools for Digital Marketing

Plenty of tools and resources make up the digital marketing world. You need to be very proficient to identify and apply these in your business. Below are a few effective tools

1. Google Ads

2. Email marketing strategy

3. YouTube Marketing

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. SEO



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimising websites and blogs in such a way that they rank better on Google when compared to the ranking of competitors. SEO begins with keyword research and ends in link building. Keywords are generally the words that your customers are searching for when they want to find a service or product of interest on the web. Including those keywords in your website or blog will ensure that users searching for those keywords find your website.


SEO Benefits

1. Affordable Investment

2. Advertisements need not be paid for

3. Increase incoming web traffic

4. Recognition of small businesses

5. Long term exposure and ROI


Best Advertising Platforms

Studies state that around 70% of the US population is active on at least one social media platform. Hence, the best medium to advertise and present yourself to your target audience is on social media platforms like:

1. Facebook - it's one of the most common and age-old platforms used for marketing.

2. Instagram - If you wish to reach the youth of the world's population, there's no better option than Instagram Ads.

3. Twitter - Twitter provides exposure to a wider audience, which means that your business could be easily marketed online.

4. LinkedIn

5. Pinterest


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing. These are:

1. Time and cost effective marketing strategy

2. Wider and global reach

3. Generates more web traffic

4. Can easily segment and target audiences

5. Convenient to share, adjust and measure.

6. Massive returns on investment


Digital Marketing Books

Books are a great source of information and knowledge. Clearly, you can't learn everything about digital marketing from a book, but a book will hand-hold you as you wade through the vast world of Digital Marketing.

Here are a few recommended books that will help you sell your business.

1. Ctrl Alt Delete Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It - Mitch Joel

2. The New Rules Of Marketing And PR - David Meerman Scott

3. Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable - Seth Godin

4. Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing - Hafiz Muhammad Ali

5. Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World - Michael Hyatt

6. Growth Hacker Marketing - Ryan Holiday


Digital marketing takes time to understand, digest, and implement for brand owners. Happy reading, happy learning, and happy marketing!